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  • Easy CBS Integration

    Our Modules and Services are ready for plug-n-play with any CBS.

  • Aadhaar & eKYC Integration

    TabBanking can easily benefit from the Aadhaar and eKYC integration support.

  • Maker-Checker for accounts

    Easily access any kind of account information within an instant.

  • Biometric Integration

    We support a simplified Authorization process with Biometric Integration.

  • Geo-location Tagging

    For security and other maintenance purposes, we provide a geo-tagging feature.

  • Web-based Administration

    An online admin dashboard to put you in control from anywhere on the network.

Why Choose Us?

High benefits-to-cost ratio

The Tab Banking framework is very cost effective and offers a plethora of utilitarian features, which makes it a favourable implementation.

Rural reach

In this generation of internet, Tab Banking brings banking to even the most remote areas, allowing it to be widely used even in rural areas.

Optimised STP (Straight Through Processing)

Tab Banking harnesses the concept of Straight Through Processing, which significantly speeds up the speed of transactions over the internet.

Highly Secure

With a safe and closed architecture, and efficient mechanisms to process payment queries, Tab Banking ensures all transactions are secure.

Yes. We at Cosmos eSolutions, provide customized banking solutions to our customers. We understand your need and build our solutions around it.

Yes. We do have a highly qualified support team to assist you whenever required. We provide online as well as offline support.

Yes. We give a demo of our products/services to our leads. It can be arranged at our office premises or if possible, at customer’s site.

Do you have any more questions?