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Internet Banking Benefits for Everyone!

For the Bank

  • Cost Effective

    With NetBanc implementation, you will have lesser overhead costs.

  • Strong Feedback

    NetBanc allows you to receive prompt feedback from your customers.

  • Additional Revenue

    An optimised implementation can also enable additional revenue streams.

  • Customer Relation

    Facilitate genuine relationship banking and foster customer loyalty.

For the Customer

  • Ease of Use

    NetBanc provides quick and user-friendly experiences for end-consumers.

  • Faster Banking

    With good usability you don’t compromise on optimized functionality.

  • Transparency

    Fully transparent processes keep the end-customer’s trust up.

  • Personalised Banking

    A functional platform that rings meaningful to your customers.

Why Choose Us?

Platform Independent

NetBanc can be implemented within a host of Core Banking Systems. We are experts in integrating it within the Finacle framework by Infosys.

Cost Effective

NetBanc is highly cost effective in that it provides the most serviceable functionalities in an optimised way.

Demo Available

If you have any doubts or want to explore the functionalities of NetBanc, we also provide a free demo.

Highly Secure

As security is critical, we use the latest technology to set up a clean and secure environment as per your needs.

Yes. We at Cosmos eSolutions, provide customized banking solutions to our customers. We understand your need and build our solutions around it.

Yes. We do have a highly qualified support team to assist you whenever required. We provide online as well as offline support.

Yes. We give a demo of our products/services to our leads. It can be arranged at our office premises or if possible, at customer’s site.

Do you have any more questions?