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  • Consultancy

    Consultancy for networking of ATMs and joining NPCI network.

  • Monitoring

    ATM management and Monitoring. Through industry-standard procedures.

  • Online Authorization

    Switch to drive the ATMs installed for your bank and route transactions for Online Authorization.

  • Switch

    Switch also capable of handling ATM sharing arrangement.

  • Daily Settlement

    Daily Settlement recorded securely for instant access.

  • Reconciliation and Disputes Management

    Assistance in Reconciliation and Disputes Management.

Why Choose Us?

Single Switch to drive all ATMs

A single and secure switch to manage and maintain all ATMs on a particular network.

Fully Trained Operational Manpower

A thoroughly trained technical team to operate and guide you through any process.

Document Management System

A fully featured Document handling system that lets you access any information instantly.

Real-time Contingency System

Secure modules and procedures that can be implemented immediately in case any contingencies are detected.

Yes. We at Cosmos eSolutions, provide customized banking solutions to our customers. We understand your need and build our solutions around it.

Yes. We do have a highly qualified support team to assist you whenever required. We provide online as well as offline support.

Yes. We give a demo of our products/services to our leads. It can be arranged at our office premises or if possible, at customer’s site.

Do you have any more questions?